Intelligent Defense Check

The Credit Union provides the Intelligent Defense Check (ID Check) security feature to our members for added online protection. ID Check verifies user identity upon sign on to protect personal and account information. Every measure is taken with this process to ensure privacy and security to our members when accessing their accounts via the internet.

You will be required to answer security questions that will be used in the ID Check process. The security answers should be something you know, not something you have to remember or guess. However, a fraudulent user would find answering the security questions difficult and will be blocked, securing your accounts. Select online transactions will also require a security question to be answered.

Our 24/7 Member Services and branches may ask the security questions before processing transactions to verify your identity. The Credit Union will never contact you via email or telephone to update your answers.

Your online safety is our number one priority and the Credit Union will continue to go above and beyond to assure that your accounts and personal information are safe.