Intelligent Defense Check

Intelligent Defense Check (ID Check) is a security feature used to verify your identity when signing in to our online services, adding an additional layer of protection to your account or personal information. ID Check may require you to answer security questions as part of the identity verification process. Alternatively, you may enable One Time Passcode instead of security questions as a more secure authentication method.

Security Questions

You are required to set-up security questions when first opening an account or setting up your Member Access. Answers to your security questions should be something only you know that a fraudulent user would not be able to guess.

You may be asked to answer security questions when signing in to your online services, before initiating certain online or phone transactions, or before discussing account information with 24/7 Member Services or branch personnel. When security questions are answered incorrectly online, your online services are blocked, securing your accounts.

You can update your security questions at any time by signing in to Member Access. The Credit Union will never contact you via email or telephone to update your questions.

One Time Passcode

One Time Passcode (OTP) is a more secure and convenient authentication alternative to security questions when signing in to our online services. We encourage members to register for OTP as a more effective way to deter a fraudulent user from gaining access to your account or personal information.