Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer safe deposit boxes in our branches1 to provide extra security for your important items, documents and files.


  • Various sizes available1
  • Annual rental fees from $18 to $902
  • Automatic yearly renewal3
  • Only authorized signers4 allowed access to box
  • Private access for confidential inspection of box contents5
  • Dual key control (i.e., one branch key and one member key) required to open boxes6
Contents stored in safe deposit boxes are not insured by the Credit Union or the National Credit Union Association (NCUA); therefore, we recommend you obtain your own separate insurance for stored valuables. For more information about insuring safe deposit box contents, contact Member Insurance Services at (833) 599-7328 or

To open a safe deposit box, contact your local branch.

1 Contact your local branch for box availability.
2 Rental fee is based on box size, and size options vary by location. See the Fees page for any additional fees that may apply.
3 Renewal fee is debited from your designated Checking, Share or Money Market Share account on the renewal date.
4 Authorized signers include the box lessee, co-lessee, or any other approved individual who has signed the lease agreement or other maintenance form agreeing to the Terms and Conditions disclosure, and for whom all required signatures have been obtained.
5 SECU does not have access to or knowledge of the contents in a safe deposit box.
6 Members are issued two member keys for each box.