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One Time Passcode

Set up One Time Passcode (OTP) to authenticate your accounts without the hassle of a security question.

What is OTP

OTP is a temporary passcode used when additional authentication is needed to access your accounts online via Member Access or the Mobile App (e.g., when signing in from an unrecognized device).

  • Safe and secure

    Using OTP helps minimize the risk of fraudulent login attempts and maintain high security.

  • Quick and convenient

    OTP offers a more convenient and secure identity verification process than answering a security question.

  • Additional authentication

    A unique numeric code is sent to you via text if prompted at log in, offering a second layer of authentication.

How to register for OTP

  • Member Access sign on

    Log in to Member Access with your login information.

  • Register for OTP

    In Member Access, select Register for One Time Passcode under Alerts. Enter your mobile number and complete the required fields.

  • Code sent to your device

    A four-digit numeric activation code will be sent to your mobile device via text message.

  • Use code to access accounts

    Enter the activation code sent to your mobile device to complete registration. You will be prompted to use OTP when you next sign in to Member Access or the Mobile App.

Frequently asked questions about One Time Passcode

Yes, One Time Passcode is more secure and convenient than a security question. One Time Passcode is a unique code generated upon request, making it harder to hack than a security question, which may be discovered from your personal information. 

No, any phone that can receive text messages is eligible for One Time Passcode.

One Time Passcode is a type of two-factor authentication. The first factor is secure log in to Member Access, and One Time Passcode is the second factor.

You must first register for One Time Passcode online via Member Access. After registration, you will be prompted to use One Time Passcode in lieu of security questions when logging into Member Access or the Mobile App.