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Overdraft Transfer Service

Prevent non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees or becoming overdrawn by enrolling in our free and optional Overdraft Transfer Service.

Service features

Enrollment in our optional Overdraft Transfer Service (OTS) is free and can help protect your SECU Checking Account from becoming overdrawn or incurring NSFs.

  • No fee

    There are no overdraft fees.

  • Two linked SECU accounts

    OTS automatically moves available funds to your Checking Account from up to two protecting accounts.1,2

  • Avoid NSF fees

    OTS helps prevent your Checking Account from incurring NSFs or becoming overdrawn.

How it works

When sufficient funds are not available in your Checking Account to cover a transaction, SECU automatically transfers available funds to your Checking Account from up to two of the following SECU protecting accounts:


Protecting accounts

Increment amounts



Money Market Share1


Another Checking Account1


Open-End Signature Loan2


Home Equity Line of Credit2



If the standard transfer increment is not available in the protecting account but enough funds are available to cover the item, all available funds (in whole dollars) are transferred to your Checking Account.3

Example: If a $500 payment is drafted from an SECU Checking Account, but the account only has $480 in available funds and the Share (“protecting”) Account has a $60 balance, $20 will be transferred to cover the protected account and retain the minimum Share Account balance required ($25).

Frequently asked questions about Overdraft Transfer Service

SECU does not charge an overdraft fee; however, if both the protected and protecting account(s) have insufficient funds to cover an item, the protected account is subject to an NSF fee (excluding identified Re-presentments). “Re-presentment” occurs when an item that was returned unpaid is presented again by a merchant or other person for payment.

If available funds in the primary protecting account are insufficient to cover an item posting to the protected Checking Account.