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Money Market Share Account

Boost your everyday savings with a dividend-earning Money Market Share Account.

Grow your savings with a Money Market Share Account

A Money Market Share Account can be a great option for reaching short-term savings goals. This account typically has a higher dividend rate than a regular Share (savings) Account and offers more flexibility than Share Term Certificates.

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Higher rates

Earn higher dividend rates than regular Share and Checking Accounts with a Money Market Share Account.1

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Compounding dividends

Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly into your Money Market Share Account.1,2

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Everyday access

You can withdraw or transfer funds at any time with a Money Market Share Account.

Account features

Our Money Market Share Account offers increased earnings and flexibility with unlimited deposits and withdrawals.

  •  Competitive dividend rate

    View our current Share and Deposit Rates.

  •  No monthly fee

    There is no monthly maintenance fee unless the Money Market Share Account falls below $250.2

  •  Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposits

    A Money Market Share Account is eligible for ACH deposits, such as paychecks via direct deposit.

  •  Overdraft Transfer Service

    A Money Market Share Account can serve as a protecting account when you enroll your SECU Checking Account in our optional Overdraft Transfer Service.2,3

  •  24/7 access

    Access your account online through Member Access or our Mobile App, at an ATM or your local branch, via ASK SECU, and through Member Services Support at (888) 732-8562.

Money Market Share vs Share Term Certificate

Compare the key differences between our higher-earning savings account options.


 Money Market ShareShare Term Certificate (STC)
Annual percentage yield12.02%2Up to 5.10% (depending on term length)4
Earning optionDividends, compound daily5Simple interest
Minimum opening deposit$250$250 (for all terms)
Monthly maintenance feeNo fee, unless balance falls below $2502No fee
Deposits allowedYes, anytimeNo, except opening deposit6
Withdrawals allowedYes, anytimeNo, not without penalty or until maturity date6
Early closing penaltyNoYes7


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Frequently asked questions about Money Market Share Accounts

A Money Market Share Account pays (or “earns at”) a higher rate than regular Share Accounts as long as you maintain the required minimum balance. To compare, view our Share and Deposit Rates.

A $2 monthly maintenance fee will be applied. Additionally, dividends can only be earned on days when the account balance is equal to or greater than $250. Visit our Fees page to learn more.

No, checks, BillPay payments, and ACH debits are not allowed with a Money Market Share Account. If you need to authorize ACH debits or set up BillPay, check out our dividend-earning Checking Account.

No, account funds may not be used as collateral for any loan, including an SECU loan.

Money Market Share Accounts accrue dividends that are compounded daily and paid monthly. The minimum account balance must be maintained to accrue dividends.

Yes, you can close your account at any time.