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Hand with key opening safe deposit box

Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer safe deposit boxes at most of our branches. Contact your local SECU branch to secure space for your important items and documents.

Keep your important items and documents safe

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Size variety

Boxes range from 2” x 5” to 10” x 10” depending on branch availability.1 Contact a local branch for more information on available sizes.

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Private access

Your privacy is important to us. You are able to view the contents of your safe deposit box in a private room.

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Two keys are required to open every safe deposit box. One key is held by you and the other is held by your local branch.


To lease a safe deposit box, contact a local branch.

  • Various sizes from 2” x 5” up to 10” x 10” depending on branch availability1

  • Annual rental fees from $18 to $752

  • Automatic yearly renewal3

  • Only authorized signers4 allowed access to box

  • Private access for confidential inspection of box contents5

  • Dual key control (i.e., one branch key and one member key required to open boxes)6

What to keep in a safe deposit box

  •  Personal and/or sensitive documents

    Birth certificates, passports, marriage licenses, titles, deeds, etc.

  •  Copies of estate planning documents

    Wills, Power of Attorney, Trusts, etc. Original copies of your estate planning documents should be stored in a secure place where your named fiduciaries can access them.

  •  Important items

    Jewelry, collectibles, keepsakes, etc.

What not to keep in a safe deposit box

  •  Single copies of any important document

    Be sure to copy whatever is stored in your deposit box.

  •  Cash

    Cash stored inside a safe deposit box is not covered by NCUA deposit insurance.

  •  Uninsured valuables

    While safe deposit boxes are secure and well protected within SECU, the items are not insured by or through SECU.

  •  Restricted items

    The Safe Deposit Box Lease Agreement prohibits the storage of firearms and illegal, explosive, flammable, hazardous or otherwise potentially dangerous items in safe deposit boxes.