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FAT CAT® Share Account

Give your child a financial head start with FAT CAT. This program allows kids 12 and younger to save money while learning the basics of money management.

Enroll your child in a savings program

This program offers a FAT CAT Share Account where young members can save and watch their money grow. A FAT CAT Share Account can be opened at any branch for children ages 12 and under who are eligible for membership.1 The account must be joint with a parent, grandparent, or other responsible adult who is an existing member with a regular Share Account.2

Program features include:
  • Savings building

    Kids can grow their money with dividends that are compounded daily and paid monthly.3

  • Safe place for deposits

    Member accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), a component of NCUA.

  • $5 minimum opening deposit

    A minimal cost to get kids started. Once the account reaches $25, that amount must be maintained in the account.4

  • FAT CAT goody bag

    Get a bag5 packed with fun stuff, including a coin holder, stickers, and a passbook for transaction records.

  • Dedicated resources

    All members can access the FAT CAT website and a quarterly Paw Prints newsletter with educational information and fun activities.

  • Adult oversight

    All FAT CAT accounts must be joint with a parent, grandparent, or another responsible adult who is an existing member with a regular Share Account.2

Ready to open an account?
Visit your local branch or contact Member Services Support at (888) 732-8562 to request an account opening by mail. 

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Get life insurance coverage at no cost

FAT CAT account holders are eligible to receive $1,000 of Group Term Life Insurance at no cost.6 This coverage can be increased to $10,000 for $18 per year by a parent or legal guardian on the child's behalf.

Opportunities for learning & play

The FAT CAT website offers resources to learn how to save and spend money wisely together as a family. It also features discounted tickets, games, coloring pages, computer wallpapers, and more. Some learning topics include:


  • Setting savings goals
  • Understanding the value of money
  • Pros and cons of buying something
  • Importance of recordkeeping


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