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Holiday Cash Club Account

Save money throughout the year to prepare for holiday spending with SECU’s Holiday Cash Club.

Start saving for holiday spending

Check savings off your list by using Holiday Cash Club to budget for upcoming expenses.

  • Reduce holiday stress

    Be prepared for holiday expenses by saving throughout the year with SECU’s Holiday Cash Club Account.

  • Automatic savings

    Fund your account through Payroll Deduction or Funds Transfer for automatic savings throughout the year.

  • Budget for your expenses

    Use your deposit to fund purchases instead of charging them to your credit cards. Save for your holiday spending with no minimum balance and no maintenance fee.

  • Save all year

    Start your holiday savings journey any time during the year to accelerate your account funds and build healthy habits by saving year-round.

How it works

Save for a specific goal by setting aside savings with a Holiday Cash Club Account.

  • Open an account

    Easily open an account in person at your local branch or online via Member Access to start saving.

  • Fund your account

    Choose how much you want to save. Make deposits throughout the year (until October) with payroll deductions, one-time deposits, or funds transfers.

  • Receive your savings

    On the last business day of October, your account balance is automatically transferred to your specified Checking, CashPoints® Global, Share, or Money Market Share Account.

Frequently asked questions about Holiday Cash Club Account

No. The Holiday Cash Club Account does not have to be used for spending during the holidays. Use your account for any purpose of your choosing and enjoy the deposit in October.

Deposits will be made on the last business day of October.

Your account balance will be automatically transferred to your specified Checking, CashPoints® Global, Share, or Money Market Account.

Enjoy the Holiday Cash Club year after year with no minimum balance and no maintenance fees.

Funds can be deposited year-round. Any funds saved in the account will deposit on the last business day in October. The earlier in the program year you start saving, the longer you have to save for your holiday expenses.

You may request to close your account at any time at your local branch, or by secure message via Member Access or the SECU App.

You may withdraw from your account early, but the account must be closed to do so. If you close the account early, it can be reopened again in November to begin saving for the next year.

Yes, view the current dividend rate and APY on our Account Rates page. Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly into your elected account.