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Accessibility Statement

SECU is committed to providing all of our members full access to our products and services regardless of the delivery channel the member chooses. We strive to ensure our mobile, online, telephone, ATM, and in-person services, products, and information are accessible to those with disabilities.

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Mobile and online services

SECU’s mobile and online service channels serve as a useful alternative for all members, including those who have difficulty visiting a branch or using a telephone. SECU strives to maintain mobile device and browser compatibility with industry accessibility standards and guidelines for those who are vision impaired or have low vision. We recommend utilizing your operating system’s native accessibility tools. We are continuing to update our mobile and online platforms to provide greater accessibility.

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Phone services

SECU’s Member Services Support is available any time by calling (888) 732-8562. Additionally, you can contact your local branch. Persons with speech or hearing disabilities can dial 711 to connect with a relay operator 24 hours a day.

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Branch services

Our branches are designed to meet required standards for accessibility. Visitors who have difficulty entering or navigating our branches may request assistance from any branch employee. We also welcome service animals that have been trained to assist owners with disabilities. Service animals must be under the owner’s direct control and must not disrupt SECU’s business or create an immediate risk to people or property.

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Share your feedback

We are always working to improve our products and enhance our services, and we appreciate input from our members. To make a suggestion or submit a complaint, send us a secure message (members) or email (non-members).