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Account & Lending Fees

View the fees associated with each SECU account type or service.


Monthly maintenance fees

Monthly maintenance fees are charged per statement period. Members can avoid this fee on some accounts if the required minimum balance is maintained as specified.

Account typeFee amount
Zard® Checking1$1
CashPoints® Global1,2$1
Zard Share3$1
FAT CAT® Share$0
Money Market Share4$2
Summer Cash$0
Holiday Cash Club$0
Salary Advance Cash$0
Health Savings Account (HSA)$0
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)3$1
Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA3$1
Coverdell Education Savings Account (CESA)3$1


 Additional checking account fees

Checking accounts incur a per item fee for checks, teller cashed items, and Another Chance items in excess of 50 per statement.
Fee typeFee amount
First 50 items$0
After first 50 items$0.20
Each Checking Account is allotted two non-sufficient funds (NSF) Fee Free days each calendar year. NSF fees are waived the first two days the account incurs one or more NSF items. Once NSF Fee Free Days have been exhausted, an NSF fee is assessed for each item denied or returned for insufficient funds.
Fee typeFee amount
NSF Fee Free Days5$0
NSF Fee Free Days5 Exhausted$12
Members who enroll in our optional Overdraft Transfer Service can designate up to two protecting accounts from which to transfer available funds to their checking account to prevent items from being returned.
Account typeFee amount
Overdraft Transfer Service6$0


ATM fees

For using SECU-issued debit cards

Fee typeFee amount
CashPoints ATM$0
Visa® / Plus® ATM7 completed transactions$0.75
Visa / Plus ATM8 attempted and denied transactions$0.35


 Debit card fees

Visa & CashPoints Debit Cards

Fee typeFee amount
Lost / replacement debit card$8
International transaction91%
Debit card reissue$0
Rush delivery of debit card / PIN$15


 Credit card fees10,11

Fee typeFee amount
Annual fee$0
Balance Transfer$0
Cash Advance11$0
ATM transaction12$0.75
International transaction91%
Late paymentUp to $20
Card replacement$0
Over limit$0
Card reissue$0
Rush delivery of card$15


 Gift card fees

Fee typeFee amount
Inactivity13$1 / month


Loan fees

Fee typeFee amount
First mortgage - late payment4% of principal and interest

Wire fees

Fee typeFee amount
Incoming wire$0
Outgoing domestic wire$10
Outgoing international wire$25

Safe deposit box fees

Fee typeFee amount
Annual rentVaries with box size
Lost key14$18
Box drilling14$145
Late rental payment15$12


Miscellaneous service fees

Services provided to members only.

Fee typeFee amount
Cashier’s check purchase16$1
Copies of items or images17 (e.g., checks, statements, etc.)Up to $1 per item
Notary service$0
Signature guarantee service$0
Coin redemption$0