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Trust Services

Help your plan go according to plan. SECU partners with Members Trust Company1 to offer comprehensive Trust and Fiduciary Services to our members.

Plan for now and tomorrow

SECU Trust Services through Members Trust Company provides members access to a team of trust and investment professionals dedicated to their fiduciary needs, from Corporate Trustee Services to Estate Settlement Services and more.

Local relationships, local expertise

Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide Trust Services to members through local relationships across North Carolina. However, if you or your loved ones live elsewhere, we are still here to help.

  • Benefit from objectivity

    We are an unbiased, third-party professional who has the experience and expertise to administer your estate plan as intended.

  • Maintain family harmony

    We can help relieve your loved ones from the burden of dealing with the complexities of administering an estate or Trust during a difficult time.

  • Enjoy peace of mind

    You have enough going on. Know you have a professional team in place to take care of you and your loved ones.

Services to fit your situation

We understand that every estate plan is unique, and no family has the same dynamics or needs. We offer solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your family while managing your assets professionally and privately.

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Corporate Trustee Services

SECU Trust Services has experience managing a variety of Trusts including supplemental or special needs Trusts, Trusts for spendthrift beneficiaries, and charitable Trusts. 

As a corporate trustee, SECU Trust Services can review and pay bills, manage real estate, handle the Trust’s tax filings, provide detailed account statements to beneficiaries, and more.

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Agent for Trustee Services

We provide professional asset management and bill paying services to individuals who are serving as a trustee and need help with Trust management.

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Estate Settlement Services

When family members are grieving, we can help relieve them from the burden of settling your final affairs and closing your estate. From filing a Will to distributing assets to your beneficiaries, our estate settlement team ensures your plan is carried out according to your wishes. 

As corporate executor, we have experience collecting assets, preserving and valuing property, preparing accountings, handling creditor claims, filing tax returns, and making distributions to individuals and charities.

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Members Trust Company’s FlexIRA combines the tax benefits of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with the control and flexibility of a Trust. Open a FlexIRA with SECU Trust Services to conveniently coordinate your retirement assets with your overall estate plan.

Members Trust Company

Founded in 1987, Members Trust Company is the first national trust and investment firm owned by and for America’s credit unions and regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Management and staff of Members Trust Company are charged with a corporate mandate from Members Trust Company’s credit union owners to look after and protect your best interests.

Frequently asked questions about Trust Services

Appointing a corporate trustee in advance will relieve your loved ones from the responsibility of administering your Trust after your death. Using SECU Trust Services through Members Trust Company as a corporate trustee ensures an objective third party will handle your Trust and affairs just as you directed, without bias.

As the account owner, during your healthy years, you retain control over the account and can make any needed distributions. If you become incapacitated, SECU Trust Services through Members Trust Company can step in to manage the account on your behalf, making any required minimum distributions (RMDs) and paying bills. At your passing, we can continue to manage the FlexIRA for the benefit of your heirs, depending upon the account options you have chosen.

There are many situations in which the control and incapacity planning of a FlexIRA may be beneficial:

  • Lack of a close, trusted individual who could manage the account on your behalf under a Power of Attorney document
  • Coordination with an existing revocable Living Trust for incapacity planning
  • A spouse who does not want the burden or have the experience to manage retirement savings
  • Concerns that heirs would spend funds immediately upon your passing

Serving as an executor comes with many responsibilities. SECU Trust Services through Members Trust Company is here to help with estate settlement tasks including collecting assets, preserving and valuing property, accounting, handling creditor claims, filing taxes, and making distributions to individuals and charities. Let our estate settlement team help remove this burden from your loved ones.

Yes. An individual trustee interested in assistance with managing a Trust, such as bill paying and investment management, can open an agent for trustee account with SECU Trust Services through Members Trust Company.