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Investment Accounts

Develop a plan that can help you pursue your long-term financial goals with Credit Union Investment Services (CUIS). Contact our Financial Advisory Services Contact Center to get started.

Build your investment strategy with CUIS 

Choosing how and where to invest your hard-earned savings is an important decision. Luckily, it’s one you don’t have to make alone. Credit Union Investment Services (CUIS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SECU, has investment representatives ready to walk you through every step of investing. Investment representatives can help you understand what investment options are available, what fees may apply when investing, and what risks may be involved.

  • CUIS is an Investment Adviser registered with the State of North Carolina.

  • All CUIS representatives are also full-time, salaried employees of SECU. 

  • CUIS believes in long-lasting relationships built on trust and transparency. Our representatives are members of your local community who take the time to understand your unique situation, goals, and challenges.

  • Check the background of this firm on Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)’s BrokerCheck.

Understand your investment opportunities 

Investing is a long-term strategy. We typically recommend investing only if you don’t need the funds for five years or more. Both tax-advantaged and taxable accounts are available as possible vehicles for your investments. Tax-advantaged accounts, such as an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), offer tax benefits but come with restrictions on when and how you can withdraw money. Explore your options: 

Mutual funds

At CUIS, we assist investors in meeting their long-term financial goals through consistent and regular investing in low-cost, well-diversified mutual funds. A mutual fund is an investment that gives investors access to a portfolio of financial assets. Individual investors can keep their investment strategy simple and diverse by choosing one or more mutual funds, which can help reduce the overall risk of loss.1

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Invest for your future with the tax advantages offered in an IRA. We offer traditional, Roth, and Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRAs to help you establish and manage your retirement portfolio.

Other member-chosen investments

Exploring your own investment choices? We understand that you may want to invest in securities other than those recommended specifically by CUIS. Once you open your investment account, you can purchase most individual stocks, bonds, and personally-selected mutual funds. 

How to start investing

Ready to make the most of your savings? Follow these steps to see if you’re eligible to start planning your financial future with CUIS. 

  • Determine your eligibility

    If you are a resident of North Carolina and wish to invest a minimum of $3,500 for at least five years, contact our Financial Advisory Services Contact Center for more information.

  • Understand the associated costs

    CUIS charges an annual asset-based fee of 0.25% for cash and individual fixed-income securities (including U.S. Treasuries & brokered CDs) and 0.50% for all other securities (equities, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, etc.). This advisory fee is collected quarterly in advance directly from your account and provides access to an in-person CUIS representative. Other fees, including those from the clearing firm, Pershing, LLC, also apply. CUIS representatives will present all potential costs to you upfront, so you can be confident that our program meets your financial needs.

  • Decide if you want to consolidate existing investments

    Based on your preference and other considerations, such as potential tax liability, you may wish to transfer your existing assets in-kind or liquidate them and use the proceeds to purchase mutual funds offered through CUIS. If you want to consolidate your existing investments into a single CUIS account, bring your statements when you meet with a CUIS representative.

Explore the CUIS Client Portal

Already have an investment account with CUIS? The following services are provided in the CUIS Client Portal through Envestnet:

  • Account performance
    View and download quarterly performance reports.
  • File sharing
    Upload, store, and share documents with your advisor.
  • Document access
    View account documents, including statements, tax documents, and trade confirmations.

To perform investment account transactions, log in to NetXInvestor.