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Share Term Certificates

Looking for an opportunity to earn more? Open a Share Term Certificate (STC) Account that offers competitive rates.

Build stable savings with Share Term Certificates

An STC is a fixed-rate term savings account. An STC typically earns more than other savings accounts because SECU agrees to pay a set interest rate on a specific sum for a designated period of time. Access to the funds in the account is generally restricted until the account reaches maturity.1

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Set your term length

Choose an STC term length of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48, or 60 months.

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Lock in your returns

Interest rates are fixed for the term of the STC.

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Watch your money grow

Open an STC with a one-time deposit of at least $250 and then watch your savings grow.

Features of STCs

Our STCs allow members to earn interest on their savings.

  •  Higher interest rates

    You can earn a higher rate of interest on your savings if you deposit your funds for a fixed period of time in one or more STCs. Interest transfers monthly to an SECU transfer account selected by the owner.2

  •  Term variety

    Members have the option to open regular STCs with 6- to 60-month terms or a series of laddered STCs with graduated maturity dates.

  •  Options for principal payment

    The principal can transfer at maturity to the interest transfer account or renew with the same term at the then-offered rate.3

  •  Auto renewal

    You can choose to have your STC auto renew3 at the end of the chosen term.

  •  Laddering STCs

    Laddering your funds with a variety of term lengths protects against the risk of interest rate fluctuations and provides a reliable flow of interest income. See more on laddering STCs.

Compare rates for STCs

Choose a term length that matches your savings goals. The minimum deposit to open each STC Account for all terms is $250.


Interest rate4 & APY5

6 months

4.50% / 4.50% APY

Special STC - 9 months*

5.10% / 5.10% APY

12 months

4.90% / 4.90% APY

18 months

4.75% / 4.75% APY

24 months

4.30% / 4.30% APY

30 months

3.00% / 3.00% APY

36 months

3.10% / 3.10% APY

48 months

3.20% / 3.20% APY

60 months

3.50% / 3.50% APY

*For any STC initially offered with a promotional or special rate and term that is designated to renew, the STC will automatically renew / convert to a 12-month STC at the then-offered rate.
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What’s a laddered STC?

A laddered STC is a savings strategy that provides regular access to a portion of your funds and protects against rate fluctuations over time. With staggered terms, the rates average out over time.

To ladder your STCs, open five STCs with graduating maturity dates (12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months). When each STC matures, regardless of term, it will renew to a 60-month STC. At the end of five years, you will own five 60-month STCs with one renewing each year thereafter.

Share Term Certificate vs Money Market Share

Compare the key differences between our higher-earning savings account options. 


 Share Term CertificateMoney Market Share
Annual percentage yield5Up to 5.10% (depending on term length)42.02%6
Earning optionSimple interestDividends, compound daily7
Minimum opening deposit$250 (for all terms)$250
Monthly maintenance feeNo feeNo fee, unless balance falls below $2506
Deposits allowedNo, except opening deposit8Yes, anytime
Withdrawals allowedNo, not without penalty or until maturity date8Yes, anytime
Early closing penaltyYes1No


Learn more about Money Market Accounts

Frequently asked questions about STCs

The minimum deposit required for any STC term is $250.

Renewing STCs have a seven-day grace period after the renewal date during which you can make one deposit to, or withdrawal from, or cancel the STC without penalty. You may also choose to take no action. During the grace period, the STC rate will display as the current regular Share Account rate. As long as the STC is not canceled, the interest is recalculated using the STC rate effective on the renewal date.

The interest rate corresponds with the term and is fixed for the term. Interest accrues daily on principal only (it does not compound). Interest transfers monthly to an SECU deposit account selected by the account owner. For 6- and 12-month STCs, you may choose to have the interest earned paid to the STC or to another account at SECU. Interest earned for all other STCs must be paid to another account at SECU. An STC may be canceled without penalty during the grace period, which is the seven calendar days following an automatic renewal. If you choose to cancel the STC during the grace period, the STC will earn interest for the days from the renewal until the cancellation at the Share Account rate. You can make one partial deposit to or withdrawal from an STC during the seven-day grace period without penalty.


Funds in an STC can be used as collateral on SECU loans only; funds cannot be used as collateral on loans at other financial institutions. Funds designated as collateral for a loan cannot be withdrawn until the loan is paid in full.

No, there is no monthly maintenance fee for STCs.

If the STC is canceled before the maturity or renewal date, we generally charge an early withdrawal penalty equal to 90 days interest on the principal, or all interest earned, whichever is less. There is no penalty if the STC is canceled during the grace period, which is the seven-day period beginning on the day after the STC renews. If a laddered STC is canceled, the laddering structure will be incomplete.

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