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Real-Time Loan Advance

Access your available lines of credit quickly and easily with a Real-Time Loan Advance.

What is a Real-Time Loan Advance?

Real-Time Loan Advances allow quick and easy access to your available lines of credit 24/7.

  • Request any time

    If you have an Open-End Signature Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or Salary Advance Loan, you can request an advance from any of our online services1 or automated voice response system.

  • Simple process

    There’s no need to complete additional paperwork or speak with a financial services officer as long as your loan has been originated and is in good standing.2,3

  • Immediate transfer

    With a Real-Time Loan Advance, funds are transferred to your share or deposit account4,5 and are available for use immediately.

How to make a Loan Advance

Make a Real-Time Loan Advance anytime at your convenience with any of the following methods.

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In the App

Sign in to our Mobile App and Advance Funds from the Actions tab.

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Sign in to Member Access and Advance Funds from the Move Money tab.

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By phone

Call (800) ASK-SECU6 and Advance Funds from the Loan Advance menu (option 5).