Notary and Signature Guarantee Services

Notary1 and Signature Guarantee2 services are available for members at all branch locations. These services are provided for our members at no cost.
1 Notary services are not available for acknowledging signatures on estate planning documents including, but not limited to, wills, trust documents, powers of attorney, living wills, HIPAA Authorizations, and related documents.

2 A signature guarantee is generally required to transfer securities, such as those transfers involving the sale or redemption of stocks or bonds. To obtain a signature guarantee, the owner(s) (or agent(s)) must provide documentation verifying the current value of the securities and a copy of the form for which they are requesting the signature guarantee.  All owners (or required agents) must be present to sign in front of the employee who is guaranteeing the signature(s). As there may be additional documentation required in certain situations, we recommend contacting your local branch in advance.