Real-Time Loan Advance

Real-time loan advances allow quick and easy access to your available lines of credit 24/7. If you have an Open-End Signature Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit or Salary Advance Loan, you can request an advance from any of our online services1 or automated Voice Response System.

How to Make a Loan Advance

Make a real-time loan advance anytime at your convenience.

In the App
Sign in to our Mobile App and advance funds from the Actions tab.

Sign in to Member Access and advance funds from the Move Money tab.

By Phone
Call (800) ASK-SECU2 and advance funds from the Loan Advance menu (option 5).

Get Money Fast

With a real-time loan advance, funds are transferred to your share or deposit account3, 4 and are available immediately for use. There’s no need to complete additional paperwork or speak with a Financial Services Officer as long as your loan has been originated and is in good standing.5, 6
1 To advance funds, you must have agreed to the terms of our Online Services Agreement, and your loan must be accessible through your online services and authorized to perform online loan advances.
2 Dial (919) 839-5400. Toll Free calling North American dialing only (i.e., United States, Canada and parts of Mexico). Raleigh area members can also call local number (919) 839-5400.
3 Advances can be deposited to Checking, Share, Money Market Share or CashPoints® Global (CPG) accounts. For Salary Advance loans, loan advance proceeds are deposited to the account you pre-selected when initially applying for the loan.
4 Requests can only be made up to your available credit limit. Requests for an increase in your credit limit are subject to additional underwriting and credit approval.
5 All Credit Union accounts must be in good standing.
6 When requesting an advance on a loan with a zero balance, you will be prompted to set up a repayment method. Confirmation of the new repayment information will be mailed to your address on file.