Mortgage Assistance Program

The SECU Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) is designed to assist members who are having problems making their SECU mortgage payment.

Members can talk with a MAP Specialist to develop an individualized financial plan. We are committed to working with members having problems meeting their mortgage obligations to discuss, review and develop repayment options. We want to help members keep their homes.

Options that may be considered during the discussion include:
  • Monthly payment alternatives – temporary modification of the payment amount
  • Forbearance – temporary deferment of monthly payment
  • Mortgage loan modification or refinance – modifying the terms of the existing loan
During the conversation, the Collections Specialist will discuss the circumstances that led to the delinquency, and will then complete a financial assessment to determine options available.

If you are behind on or struggling to make your SECU mortgage payments, contact us at (877) 835-2567 to see what the Credit Union can do to help.