United States Savings Bonds


You may purchase Series EE and Series I United States savings bonds online directly from the US Treasury by going to the TreasuryDirect home page. This web page includes in-depth information about savings bonds and provides a link to a guided tour with information about opening a TreasuryDirect account, electronically purchasing bonds, and managing bonds in your account. Series E bonds are no longer available for purchase, and paper savings bonds in any series are no longer sold at financial institutions.

How Much Are My Bonds Worth?

You can calculate the value of your paper bonds through the Savings Bond Calculator on TreasuryDirect.

Redeeming Bonds

You may redeem paper Series EE, Series E and Series I US savings bonds at any SECU branch location. The Credit Union is not authorized to redeem Series HH bonds, but may be able to assist you in submitting your bonds to the Treasury for redemption. If you have electronic bonds, you may redeem them through logging into TreasuryDirect.