Visa® Secure Remote Commerce

Visa has a new online payment experience named Visa Remote Commerce, formerly Visa Checkout. This easy, smart, and secure checkout feature aims to simplify paying online at participating merchants by eliminating the need to remember passwords and reducing the amount of long forms at checkout. Already enrolled in Visa Checkout? You’re all set! Visa Secure Remote Commerce will be automatically available to you as a Visa Checkout user.

Set Up Your SECU Visa Card

Credit Card Icon


To use Visa’s secure online checkout, you will first need to add your SECU Visa credit or debit card.

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Shop Online

Click to pay with your SECU Visa credit or debit card when you see this icon Arrow icon where Visa is accepted.

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Save Time

During checkout, bypass form fields and forget the hassle of having to remember your password.

Paying online with your SECU Visa card is Easy, Smart and Secure:


This icon Arrow icon means you no longer have to enter 16-digit primary account numbers, look up passwords, or fill out long forms to make a purchase online where Visa cards are accepted.


Wherever you see this icon Arrow icon and Visa cards are accepted, you’ll enjoy the same time-saving digital checkout.


When you click to pay with Visa, you can be assured that Visa’s global payment network is always looking out for you – fighting fraud, reducing risk, and helping to make transactions fast and worry-free.