CashPoints® Global (CPG)

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CPG Debit Card

CPG Debit Card

Easily make purchases and perform ATM transactions

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

Automatically deposit your paycheck into your account

No NSF Fees

No NSF Fees

No NSF fees because spending is limited to available funds

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you like to travel, prefer to shop online, have a student who needs an account that is easy to manage, or like having an alternative to a traditional checking account, a CPG account is a great choice.


If you are planning to travel, a CPG account offers a convenient and low-risk way to make purchases on your trip. It can take up to a week to receive your CPG card once requested, so establish your account several weeks in advance of your departure. Review our Cardholder Travel Information before leaving home.

Online Shopping

If you like the convenience of shopping or paying your bills online, a CPG is a great option to limit your risk of exposure to fraud.


Heading to college? Students are also ideal candidates for CPGs because the account is easy to manage and there’s no risk of incurring NSF fees.
There is no minimum balance required to open an account and no minimum balance required to keep the account open.
No. The CPG account is a non-dividend bearing demand deposit account.
There is a $1 monthly maintenance fee; however, you can choose to contribute $1 to the SECU Foundation in lieu of the monthly maintenance fee.1

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Yes. The funds in the CPG account are accessed primarily through a CPG debit card that can be used anywhere you see the Visa® logo.

Your CPG account can be added to your SECU Visa debit card for convenient ATM or online services access; however, to make purchases or BillPay payments3 from your CPG account, you must have a CPG debit card. You cannot access any of your other Credit Union accounts with your CPG card.

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Yes. Account owners can appoint an unlimited number of authorized users who can access the account with their own CPG debit card. Each authorized user must be a Credit Union member.

Authorized users can create an online services access and make transactions through their CPG debit card, but they cannot make account inquiries or transactions in the branch or through our 24/7 Member Services.
No. You cannot write checks or make ACH withdrawals/debits on CPG accounts. However, you can make payments from the account online via BillPay.3
Yes. ACH deposits, including direct deposits from your employer, are allowed. The CPG account can also be used to send and receive wire transfers, receive loan advances or tax refunds, and can also be used as a transfer account for Share Term Certificates (STCs), Holiday Cash Club and Summer Cash accounts.
No. SECU’s Overdraft Transfer Service is not available.
You can access your account via ATM, ASK SECU, Member Access, the SECU Mobile App, our local branches, and our 24/7 Member Services.
Yes. We offer our online BillPay service, which you can access through Member Access and the SECU Mobile App.

To make BillPay payments from your CPG account, you must establish online services through your CPG debit card. You cannot access any of your other Credit Union accounts through your CPG online services.

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No. Transactions are limited to the funds available in the account and are primarily accessed through the CPG debit card. Because spending is limited to available funds, NSF (non-sufficient funds) fees are not incurred on the CPG account.
For more detailed information about the CPG account view our Account Disclosures. Open a CPG account in the branch or online via Member Access today!
1 If you choose to contribute to the SECU Foundation, the monthly $1 contribution is debited from your account only if the available balance is sufficient to cover the full $1 contribution amount. If you opt out of contributing to the SECU Foundation, a monthly maintenance/service fee of $1, or any amount in the CPG account up to $1, will be collected. For example, if the CPG account has a balance of $0.50 on the statement drop date, only $0.50 will be collected for the monthly maintenance/service fee. For either election, uncollected amounts do not accrue a running balance.
2 Access to online services must be established through the CPG debit card to use BillPay with the CPG account.