Checking Account

Open a Checking Account

Debit Card

Debit Card

Easily make purchases and perform ATM transactions.

Overdraft Transfer Service

Overdraft Transfer Service

Prevent unpaid items by protecting your checking account.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

Automatically deposit your paycheck into your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum balance required to open an account or earn the stated dividend rate. Once an account is open, sufficient funds must be maintained in the account to cover the $1 monthly maintenance fee and other authorized fees (debits, checks ordered, etc.).
Yes. Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly on the same day your statement is generated. Checking accounts are variable rate accounts, which means the dividend rate and annual percentage yield (APY) may change.

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Members may either make a $1 monthly contribution to the State Employees' Credit Union Foundation or pay a $1 monthly maintenance fee. When a new checking account is opened, the account is automatically set up to contribute to the SECU Foundation; however, if you do not wish to contribute to the SECU Foundation, you can opt out at any time, and the $1 will be applied as a monthly maintenance fee.1

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You are allowed up to a total of 50 checks, teller cashed items and Another Chance items each statement period. If you have more than 50 of these items in a statement period, you will incur a $0.20 service fee per item.
You can access your account via CashPoints ATM, ASK SECU, Member Access, the SECU Mobile App, our local branches, and our 24/7 Member Services.
Yes. We offer an Overdraft Transfer Service.

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Yes. We offer our online BillPay service, which you can access through Member Access and the SECU Mobile App.

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Yes. Debit cards are available and can be used to make purchases and perform ATM transactions.

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Yes. Automated drafts and direct deposits are allowed.

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You can view images of your cleared checks online through Member Access and the SECU Mobile App.
The Credit Union supports clear and concise disclosure of checking account fees and terms. For more information, see our Fees and Terms disclosure, which you can access on our Account Disclosures & Brochures page.
1 If you contribute to the SECU Foundation, the monthly $1 contribution is debited from your account if the available balance is sufficient to cover the full $1 contribution amount. If you opt out of contributing to the SECU Foundation, a monthly maintenance fee of $1, or any amount in the account up to $1, is debited. For example, if the account has a balance of $0.50 on the statement date, $0 is debited if you contribute to the SECU Foundation. If you opt out of contributing to the SECU Foundation, $0.50 is debited for the monthly maintenance fee. For either election, uncollected amounts accrue a running balance and are debited as funds are available to cover them.