Make the switch to go paperless and view your account statements online with E-Statements.1 It’s easy to sign up and can reduce the risk of identity theft from lost or stolen mail. E-statements also help save the environment by reducing the amount of paper, ink and other resources used to print paper statements.

E-Statement Features

  • Combine multiple accounts to a single statement2
  • Choose your statement cycle date3
  • View statements online immediately once available
  • Print or download statements for safekeeping
  • Receive alert notifications when your statements are available4
  • Access year-end tax documents online
Sign up for E-Statements

Paper statements, including braille and large print statements, are available on all accounts.

Statement Cycle Dates

Statements are generated monthly. Your statement date is the date your statement cycle ends and is generally based on your account ZIP code4 (or the primary account ZIP code if you have a combined statement2).

Statement cycles end on Credit Union business days, so statement dates are subject to change and may vary month-to-month. You can view regular monthly statement dates for your ZIP code by making a selection below.

Alternate E-Statement Cycles
If you enroll in E-Statements, you can select an alternate E-Statement cycle, such as one that ends on the 5th of the month.4 You can select an alternate E-Statement cycle through the Advanced Statement Options in Member Access.

1 To sign up for E-Statements, you must have consented to the terms of our E-Sign Agreement prior to your enrollment in Member Access.
2 Account type and ownership determines the ability to combine account statements. First mortgage loans and credit cards cannot be combined with other account statements.
3 First mortgage loan and credit card statement cycle dates are not based on your ZIP code and cannot be adjusted.
4 You must be enrolled in our Alerts service to receive E-Statement alert notifications. Standard text messaging rates apply.