Foreign Currency

When traveling abroad, having local currency on hand can be helpful to avoid international transaction fees, tipping hotel service staff, or to use at establishments with no card payment terminal.

SECU does not carry foreign currency in our branches, but we can order foreign currency (paper bills only, not coin) for members to purchase, or we can exchange foreign paper currency into U.S. dollars when requested.1

Ordering and Exchanging Foreign Currency

If you want to purchase or exchange foreign currency, visit your local branch.2,3 Please note that at this time, we may not be able to provide or accept all currencies. To determine which currencies are available, please send us a secure message through Member Access, call your local branch or call our 24/7 Member Services at (888) 732-8562 to discuss how we can help.

Foreign currency orders can typically be fulfilled in three business days. However, we recommend that you place your order at least a week or more in advance of your travel.

Exchange Rates and Fees

Exchanging currency at an airport or foreign ATM may be convenient but could be costly due to fees and exchange rates.

SECU does not charge a processing fee to purchase or exchange foreign currency. However, exchange rates are determined by our third-party processor and do change daily.4

See our Cardholder Travel Information page for more details on using your SECU debit or credit card when traveling.
1 We do not give immediate credit when exchanging foreign currency into U.S. dollars.
2 Foreign currency purchase or exchange transactions cannot be completed over the phone, online via Member Access or the SECU Mobile App.
3 Only paper currency can be ordered or exchanged for U.S. dollars. We do not order or exchange foreign coin. Minimum required denomination values for exchange vary by currency. Contact your local branch for more information.
4 Exchange rates are not guaranteed. Contact your local branch for additional details concerning fees and current exchange rates.