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Create a Spending Plan Thumbnail

Create a Spending Plan

Get your finances in order and feel confident about spending. Use our tips to create a plan beyond traditional budgeting that works for you.

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Boost Your Everyday Savings Thumbnail

Boost Your Everyday Savings

Select from our simple, flexible, and competitive account options to help you save more, no matter your timeline or amount you can set aside.

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Using Credit Cards Wisely Thumbnail

Using Credit Cards Wisely

Use your credit cards responsibly to improve your credit score and stay protected from fraud. Follow our tips to help you maximize the benefits.

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Avoid Loan Payment Stress Thumbnail

Avoid Loan Payment Stress

Help prevent the negative impacts of missed loan payments. Explore the free and convenient ways to make SECU loan payments so you can stay on track.

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Fraud Prevention Guide Thumbnail

Fraud Prevention Guide

Defend yourself against financial fraud. Use our guide to learn what to look for and how to stay protected.

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Enjoy Your Summer Having Saved For It Thumbnail

Enjoy Your Summer Having Saved For It

Qualifying public school, university, and community college employees can open an SECU Summer Cash Account to save for off schedule months when not getting paid.

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Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Thumbnail

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Learn how criminals steal your personal information and follow our tips to help protect yourself and your money.

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Schedule an Annual Financial Review Thumbnail

Schedule an Annual Financial Review

Stay on track to meet your financial goals. Our representatives can help you evaluate and revise your insurance, investment, and retirement accounts.

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Explore More

With MyBlocksTM you can explore financial topics for every stage of life. Choose a block and use the calculators to explore on your own. Whether you’re looking to payoff credit card debt or set retirement goals, there’s a solution for you.

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