Another Chance (Alert)

The Another Chance Alert is offered through the Credit Union’s Alert service. Registration for this alert will allow the member to be notified on their mobile phone to make a deposit or transfer before 5:30 PM (Eastern) to prevent an item(s) from being returned due to insufficient funds.

How the Another Chance Alert works:

  1. Register for the Another Chance Alert via Member Access (Overdraft transfer service is required)
  2. Receive the Another Chance Alert on your mobile phone
  3. Make a deposit to your checking account to cover the amount requested before 5:30PM

Making a deposit or transfer:

  • Check or cash deposits can be made at any branch location. ATM deposits do not qualify.
  • Funds may be transferred from another account using Member Access, ASK SECU or a CashPoints ATM.
All deposits or transfers need to be made by 5:30pm (Eastern) on the day that your Another Chance alert is sent, or the next business day if your alert is sent on Saturday or a holiday. During registration for the Another Chance Alert, please adjust your time selection accordingly.

Overdraft funds have already been determined to be insufficient to pay Another Chance item(s) when your alert is sent. Any funds in your overdraft account must be transferred into the checking account no later than 5:30 PM using Member Access or ASK SECU. Overdraft is only taken into account during the first attempt to post your item(s).