SECU Spotlights

Group of Elementary Kids

State Employees’ Credit Union staff members appreciate opportunities to collaborate with educators in local communities. SECU’s Knightdale branch employees are a good example of putting their desire to help into action. At the beginning of the school year Cindy Emory, Vice President of SECU’s Knightdale branch met with a member of the PTA at Lockhart Elementary School to discuss resources and materials available from SECU. Age appropriate material about SECU’s FAT CAT Program and a handout titled FAT CAT’s Top 10 Ways to Teach Kids About Money were provided to the school. This information was used later when the school held a financial themed “Fun Run.”

Building partnerships in support of teachers’ efforts to prepare students for their future is important to the Credit Union. Branch employees participate in a wide variety of events which help faculty members and highlight student achievements. The Knightdale branch has also showcased local elementary school students’ artwork. “The art galleries are so warmly received by the community,” said Emory. “Teachers, parents, and of course, proud students, really enjoy coming to the branch to see their artwork displayed” added Emory.

Samuel Burnett, Senior Financial Services Officer at the Knightdale branch, recently attended Forestville Elementary School’s Career Day. “Teaching elementary aged students about basic personal finance concepts such as identifying needs versus wants is so important as it provides a firm foundation to build on later down the line,” said Burnett. “It also benefits our communities by preparing a generation of financially informed adults.”

During the Career Day presentation students learned about different types of financial institutions and how they operate, the types of careers available at a credit union, and the importance of saving. “Students gained an insight which will benefit them as they prepare for their financial future,” said Burnett. “Seeing the many ‘lightbulb moments’ on students’ faces never gets old and is a sure sign that we are out there making a difference in our schools and communities.”

Contact your local branch for additional information on resources available to schools in your area.