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Teachers at Business Immersion Day

Business Immersion Day

State Employees’ Credit Union appreciates opportunities to assist North Carolina teachers in their efforts to prepare students for life after high school. In August, SECU had such an opportunity when 14 Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers visited the Credit Union’s Salisbury Street building as part of the school system’s Business Immersion Day. With a focus towards preparing students for opportunities in various careers and exploring paths to post high school education, CTE teachers bring the real world into their classrooms.

To aid CTE teachers in their professional development, Wake County Schools organized a Business Immersion Day event which allowed CTE teachers to visit area businesses and speak with their employees. During their visit to SECU, teachers met with employees from several departments such as Accounting, Human Resources, Member Education & Outreach and Branch and Financial Services.

As the teachers rotated through six stations, they heard about the various departments and discuss topics such as skills SECU looks for in job applicants. Jackson Hayes, Career Development Coordinator at Apex High School commented “the Business Immersion Day was a complete success. Now, WCPSS staff will be able to share this workplace information with our classes to enhance students’ learning experiences.” Jocelyn Owens, from SECU’s Human Resources Department said she enjoyed participating in the program and found it mutually beneficial. “There is nothing more rewarding than being able to provide information about a career you are passionate about,” she said.

To cap off their time at SECU teachers toured the branch operations area, spoke to other employees and learned about services and programs the Credit Union offers its members. Hayes followed up by saying, “the activity today supports the importance of partnering with local businesses. These relationships will continue to benefit our students as they prepare to join NC’s workforce.”

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