Low-Cost Tax Program

SECU's low-cost tax preparation program is available for qualified members with basic tax preparation needs, but who are ineligible for free assistance through VITA.1 If you are eligible to participate, SECU tax preparers can complete and electronically file both your federal and North Carolina tax returns for the low cost of $75.2

Eligibility for Low-Cost Tax Program

The Credit Union can generally prepare your tax return through the low-cost tax program if the return will not include any of the following items*:

  • Income from states other than North Carolina (You must also be a full year resident of NC to qualify)
  • Most self-employment income requiring a full Schedule C; we can prepare Schedule C-EZ
  • Rental income
  • Farm income
  • Military income**
  • Adoption credits
  • Foreign earned income
  • Non-cash charitable contributions exceeding $500
  • Deductions for business use of the home
For more information on how to participate in our low-cost tax program, visit our Tax Preparation page.

*The above list is not all-inclusive. Tax items other than those listed above may be outside of the scope of our program. A Credit Union tax preparer will review all documentation before preparing your return to confirm eligibility. Please contact your local branch for additional details.

**SECU preparers can prepare returns with military retirement income on form 1099R but are not certified to prepare returns with active military income (reported on form W2).
1SECU's low-cost tax preparation service is NOT associated with the IRS VITA program
2The $54,000 income limit for SECU’s VITA program is based on the Earned Income Credit threshold. Other VITA sites may have higher income limits. If your return does not qualify for free preparation under this program, you can visit www.irs.gov, keyword VITA, to search for other free VITA sites