Debit Card Alerts

The Credit Union’s Debit Card Alert program helps provide peace of mind. By enrolling in this program, you will receive debit card alerts in near real-time to help monitor your purchases, as well as identify questionable transactions.

Below are the transaction types that will generate an alert notification to your mobile phone.


When any of the following single or recurring purchases are made, using your debit card, and meet the threshold amount:

  • Purchases made over the internet/online
  • Purchases made over the phone
  • Automated Fuel Dispenser (Pay at the Pump) transactions (threshold amount does not apply)
  • Purchases made by swiping your card
  • Purchases made by inserting the EMV chip

ATM Activity

When the following activity occurs on the debit card during an ATM transaction:

  • ATM withdrawal is made with the debit card (from the primary checking account only) and meets the threshold amount
  • ATM transfer is made with the debit card (to or from the primary checking account only) and meets the threshold amount


When your debit card gets declined, regardless of amount, for any of the following reasons:

  • Invalid PIN is entered by the member
  • Invalid expiration date is entered by the merchant (phone) or member (online)
  • Expiration date on your card has expired / card is closed
  • Funds are insufficient to pay the purchase amount (NSF)
  • Amount exceeds the daily spending limit or cash withdrawal on the debit card
Enrollment in our Debit Card Alert program is easy! Sign up via the Alerts tab in Member Access. Enter the desired threshold amount and set up a quiet period1 if there are times you do not wish to receive debit card alert notifications.

Sign Up for Debit Card Alerts Today

1Many utilities and other companies that enable members to set their account up for autopay run their transactions in the middle of the night. A quiet period can be setup to receive your debit card alerts at a time that is convenient for you.