Recovering from Hurricane Florence: The Road Back

At State Employees’ Credit Union, our hearts and thoughts go out to our members and fellow North Carolina citizens who have been impacted by damage from Hurricane Florence. The following information is provided as a resource help you gather useful information in your efforts to rebuild and recover.

Insurance Claims

Take Pictures

As you assess damage, take pictures to document the damage done to your property. These pictures may be useful as your insurance company processes your claim.

Secure Property

When possible, and safe, make efforts to secure your property from additional damage.

File Claims

Notify your insurance company as soon as possible that you need to file a claim. If you obtained a policy through SECU Insurance Services, you can access claim telephone numbers here:

Insurance Claims Contact Information »

Note: Homeowners insurance policies typically exclude flood losses from coverage; however, you may have a separate flood insurance policy. Contact your agent to confirm your coverage type. If you do not have coverage for a flood loss, see the federal assistance program information below.

Receiving Insurance Proceeds

If you have a mortgage on your property, the insurance claim check will be made jointly to you and your mortgage company. Contact your mortgage company to ask about their procedures for signing off on an insurance claim check. If your mortgage is with SECU, contact our Escrow department at 800-438-1105.

Federal and State Assistance Programs

Apply for Assistance

If you live in a county that has been designated as a federal disaster area, you may be eligible to apply for federal and state assistance.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Assistance

FEMA may offer grants and/or low-interest loans to help with repairs and expenses. FEMA assistance and updates can be obtained:

North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA) Assistance

The NCFHA’s Hardest Hit Program may offer assistance through its “Natural Disaster” policy to assist affected homeowners who have lost employment and/or wages with mortgage reinstatement, payment assistance as well as job searches and job training.

Information about NCHFA Natural Disaster assistance can be obtained:


Home Repair Scams

Unfortunately, unscrupulous people will flock to a disaster area and take advantage of victims.

Proceed with Caution

A common home repair scam involves a person showing up at your property and offering to do repair work. They will ask for funds up front to purchase supplies, and once you have paid them, they never return. Be wary of requests to pay up front.

Check References

Before hiring someone check their references, insurance, and licenses:

Obtain Referrals

Ask your neighbors/friends who they have used locally to complete their repairs.

Other Potential Scams

Scammers may pose as utility workers, insurance adjusters, and FEMA officials. Information may also be sent to your cell phone or email claiming to be from a legitimate source, but the email contains links that installs malware on your device. Do not open emails from sources you do not recognize. Verify the identity of anyone who contacts you. Call the utility company, insurance company, or FEMA directly if you are in need of assistance.