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Free Tax Preparation For Qualified Members

Did you forget to file your 2013 tax return? SECU may be able to help! If you meet the eligibility requirements below, contact your local branch and ask to speak to an SECU tax preparer for details.

SECU has once again partnered with the IRS to offer Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) for qualified members. Tax preparation through VITA is available to taxpayers with a household income of $52,000 or less. Trained SECU staff complete tax returns for eligible taxpayers free of charge!

Tax preparation services will be available at all branch locations beginning in late January. We can file your tax return electronically, which means you can have your refund (if any) in as little as 8 to 15 business days!

Am I eligible for the VITA tax preparation service?

SECU can generally prepare your return through the VITA service if your household income is less than $52,000 and your return will not include any of the following items*:
  • Income from states other than North Carolina (You must be a full year resident of North Carolina to qualify for tax preparation)
  • Most self-employment income requiring a full Schedule C (We can assist with filing Schedule C-EZ)
  • Rental income
  • Farm income
  • Military income**
  • Adoption credits
  • Foreign income
*The above list is not all-inclusive. Tax items other than the ones listed above may put a return outside of the scope of our program. A credit union tax preparer will review all documentation prior to preparation to confirm eligibility. Please contact your local branch for additional details.

**SECU preparers can prepare returns with military retirement income on form 1099R but are not certified to prepare returns with active military income (on form W2).

How do I participate?

First, review this Getting Started Kit prior to coming to the branch. It has information regarding eligibility, items to bring with you, and several documents that must be completed before you can meet with a preparer. If possible, print and complete the forms and bring them with you. Otherwise, this packet will be available for pick up at your local branch.

Next, gather all of your tax documents (see “Items to Bring” below) and take them to your local branch as well. A tax preparer will review the information to confirm your eligibility for our program and make sure we have everything needed to complete the return. At that point, you’ll be free to go! You will be able to review and sign your completed return within 5 business days.

Items to bring…
  • Picture ID
  • Social Security cards for yourself and all other individuals on your return (spouse and all dependents)
  • Your 2012 tax return
  • All income documents including W-2s, 1099s and other tax documents
  • Documentation of higher education expenses including tuition paid and student loan interest paid
  • Daycare expenses and the daycare provider's name, address and tax ID number
  • Documentation* to support itemized deductions if applicable. These items may include:
    • Mortgage loan interest paid
    • Charitable contributions
    • Property taxes paid (home and auto)
    • Medical expenses
*Note, in lieu of bringing individual receipts and statements, you can complete and provide the Itemized Deduction Detail Sheet.

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